Have you restructured home and look for a place to temporarily store your furniture? Have you purchased a new building but the work has not yet finished? Have you moved to the new home but this is not yet available? Do you need service of custody of property details? For these needs we are able to offer ample space to store boxes with wooden shelves, box served by private security 24 hours on 24, alarm systems and custom insurance cover All-Risk.


    • Storage in special wooden box;
    • Filing a view on europallets closed with extensible;
    • Special rooms reserved;
    • Insurance of household goods;
    • Free Quotes


It's possible to choose to deposit DIY bringing packed furniture direct to our depots, or rely on our experience, with a complete "full packaging" service, that includes:

    • Dismantling and packing of furniture (and possibly content);Warehouse
    • The catalog of the same;
    • Transportation and unloading to our warehouses;
    • Next delivery with unpacking, replacement and installation at the new premises.



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